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Xuất xứ: USA
Bảo hành: 12 tháng 
Output pressure locks in last position in event of power failure or signal loss.
Stepper Motor equipped configuration
Standard xplosion-proof NEMA 4X housing
End of travel limit switches
Safe, predictable and reliable operation
Capable of rapid start-stop with high running torque enables use in open loop control and automated systems
Designed for use in hazardous or harsh environments
User selectable setting of minimum and maximum pressure values

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The 24XFM M/P Converter is a Motor Driven Pneumatic Regulator with motor assembly enclosed in a explosion proof housing. The motor is coupled to a no-bleed Model 10 pneumatic regulator assembly to provide the desired operating pressure range for any application. The 24XFM requires a 12-24 VDC power supply and has the option of DC Pulse or DC Analog input. The Fairchild 24XFM motorized regulator line will handle a 500 psi, 35 BAR maximum supply pressure and offers four (4) different set point pressure ranges from 0-30 psig [0-2 bar], to 0-150 psig [0-10 bar].


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