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Nhà sản xuất:Sanko
Xuất xứ: Japan
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Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Liên hệ cho chúng tôi theo số 0972 064 954  | 0914 237 179  để  thông tin mà Quý khách CẦN.  
- Mr Mai Nghĩa -
< Sales  Engineer>
Email : nghia.pitesco@gmail.com 
Yahoo :  nghia.pitesco
Skype :   nghia.pitesco
web: pitesvietnam.com
Complete-constant-pressure type probe and high reappearance-ability even in measurements of elastic coating
Digital Coating Thickness Meter for high quality, high precision screen.
As the probe has a flat level on the tip, that makes it possible to add weights on it leaving your hands free from handling, it leads to reality of a complete constant pressure. And it also make possible to obtain high reappearance-ability of measurements of various kinds of screens, resists, other elastic films and non-dry films as well.
Film/screen-resist/ elastic film / thickness of seaweeds and the like
Measuring range  :   0~300μm ( Special order: 0~500μm)
Resolution  :   1 μm
Accuracy  :   ±1μm to a flat level or ±2% the indicated value
Display method  :   LED Digital, with a display hold function
Probe  :   3 contact points with 2 electrodes and a stabilized leg, weighting- complete- constant pressure type, 42×50×62mm, pole diameter:φ8, pole-to-pole distance: 16mm
Power  :   AC100V, 50/60Hz
Temperature  :   0~40 ℃(non-condensing)
Weight and Dimensions  :   200(W)×80(H)×250(D) mm, 3kg
Accessories  :   Thickness standards, Zero plates, weights (balancer)

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