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Nhà sản xuất: Sanko
Xuất xứ: Japan
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Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Liên hệ cho chúng tôi theo số 0972 064 954  | 0914 237 179  để  thông tin mà Quý khách CẦN.  
- Mr Mai Nghĩa -
< Sales  Engineer>
Email : nghia.pitesco@gmail.com 
Yahoo :  nghia.pitesco
Skype :   nghia.pitesco
web: pitesvietnam.com
Interchangeable probes. Easy measuring methods with simple key-layout
Probe can be selected to meet optimal application of measurements.
Firm-gripping feeling with slim body.
Guide-messages of operation procedures on LCD screen.
Simple, easy key-operations with 4-independent keys.
Availability of data transfer to PC by USB connections. (SWT-7100Ⅲ)
Coating / lining / plating
Insulating films such as anodic oxide coating (ALMITE)
Measuring range  :  Depending on optional probes
Display method  :  Graphic LCD
Calibrations  :  2 points calibration type
Calibration memory  :  One each for ferrous and nonferrous
Data transfer  :  USB (7100Ⅲ)
Power  :  Dry battery (R6P 1.5V)×2, Exclusive AC adaptor (7100Ⅲ), Auto-power off
Temperature  :  0~40℃(non-condensing)
Weight and dimensions  :  72(W)×30(H)×156(D)mm, 200g
Accessories  :  Carrying case, (7100Ⅲ) Exclusive AC adaptor, USB cable, USB driver
Option  :  For ferrous substrate probe (Fe) For nonferrous substrate probe (NFe)

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