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The new dual probe FN-325 with auto (intelligent ) setting provides you with easy and simple operation: The probe FN-325 can be used with SWT-7000 Ⅲ series (7000Ⅲ, 7100Ⅲ, 7200Ⅲ) for measurements of both Fe and NFe metal substrates.
Optional SWT probes are interchangeable.
Dual type : FN-325※ 
For ferrous : Fe type
For non-ferrous : NFe type
※The new FN-325 can not be used with SWT-7000, SWT-7000Ⅱ series but with SWT-7000Ⅲsereis only
Probe type  :  Dual FN-325 (exclusive for SWT-7000Ⅲ series)
Measuring method  :  Electromagnetic/Eddy current dual use
Measuring range  :  Ferrous:0~3.00mm, Nonferrous:0~2.50mm
Substrate detection  :  Automatic or manual switching
Display  resolutions  :  1μm:0~999μm 
                By switching, 
                0.01mm:(ferrous 1.00~3.00mm) , (nonferrous 1.00~2.50mm)
Accuracy (place the probe perpendicularly :  Ferrous &nonferrous dual use
to the flat face)                    0~100μm:±1μm or ±2% the read value
Probe  :  One point contact constant pressure type,
      with V cut φ13×52mm, 72g
Option  :  V type probe adaptors (3 types: less Φ5, Φ5~10, Φ10~20 )
Accessories  :  Calibration standards (plastic foils)
          Zero plate (ferrous, nonferrous dual)
Measuring objectives  :  Fe substrate: coating, lining, thermal spraying, plating on magnetic
                         metal like iron, steel (except electrolyte nickel plating)
               NFe substrate: insulated films on non-magnetic metal like aluminum,

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