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Product Description

Hysteresis Brake Dynamometers (HD Series) are versatile and ideal for testing in the low to medium power range (maximum 14 kW intermittent duty).  With a Hysteresis Braking system, the Dynamometers do not require speed to create torque, and therefore can provide a full motor ramp from free-run to locked rotor.  Brake cooling is provided by convection (no external source), by compressed air or by dedicated blower, depending on the model.  All Magtrol Hysteresis Dynamometers have accuracy ratings of ± 0.25% full scale — depending on size and system configuration.
To better integrate dynamometers into systems, Magtrol offers both long and short base plates.  The shorter base plate facilitates easier motor mounting when used with T-slot tables and Magtrol Adjustable Motor Fixtures, where as the long base plates are better suited for table top testing.


  • 16 Standard Models with Maximum Torque from 2.5 oz·in to 500 lb·in (18 mN·m to 56.5 N·m)
  • Hysteresis Braking System: Provides precise torque loading independent of shaft speed
  • Motor Testing from No Load to Locked Rotor
  • Accuracy: ±0.25% (Full Scale)
  • Air Flow Sensor: For protection against overheating and operator error
  • Standard Torque Units: English, Metric and SI
  • Base Plate: Available in long or short versions
  • Custom Dynamometers: for special torque and speed requirements
  • Easy Calibration

The Hysteresis Braking System

All Magtrol Hysteresis Dynamometers absorb power with a unique Hysteresis Braking System which provides frictionless torque loading independent of shaft speed. The Hysteresis Brake provides torque by the use of two basic components – a reticulated pole structure and a specialty steel rotor/shaft assembly – fitted together but not in physical contact. Until the pole structure is energized, the drag cup can spin freely on its shaft bearings. When a magnetizing force from the field coil is applied to the pole structure, the air gap becomes a flux field and the rotor is magnetically restrained, providing a braking action between the pole structure and rotor.

ModelMaximum Torque Range
Maximum Torque Range
Maximum Speed (rpm)Kinetic Power - 5 Minutes (W)Kinetic Power - Continuous (W)Short Base Plate Downloads

HD-510-5C0.85 N·m120 oz·in25,000750375pdf | step
  • Model HD-510, HD-515, HD-800 and HD-805 Dynamometers require air cooling provided by user. Regulator and filter package is provided as standard equipment on these units. See data sheet for pressure ratings.
  • Blower package is included as standard equipment with Model HD-710, HD-715, HD-810, HD-815 and HD-825 Dynamometers.
  • All -5N(A) dynamometers are 5 Volt Output

Contact Magtrol for 6N (English), 7N (Metric) and 8N (SI) Specification



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