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Sieve Shaker Sinar CRI4-8c, Máy sàng hạt Sinar CRI4-8c, Sinar Vietnam
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Xuất xứ: UK
Bảo hành: 12 tháng 
The CRI4-8c Sieve Shaker separates different size components in ground, granular or particulate mixtures by rapid machine sieving.
The instrument is ideal for use on grains, aggregates, coffee, cements, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, seeds, coal, soils, tobacco blends, or any dry material requiring particle size analysis.
The Sinar Technology sieve shaker can be used with full or half-height standard 8-inch sieves. It accepts up to 8 full-height sieves plus a bottom pan and cover. Sieves are easily mounted and held in place by tandem support rails and a crossbar.


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The CRI4-8 Sieve Shaker has been designed and manufactured to combine low cost with the benefits of a well designed and engineered sieve shaker it is capable of mounting up to eight full height sieves and a receiver making it perfect for the analysis of ground coffee.
It is ideal for the laboratory or plant since its small size and low weight make it genuinely portable.  There are no rotating parts in the CRI4-8 Sieve Shaker allowing it to operate with the minimum of noise and making it virtually maintenance free.
Operation is simple; just set the 0 to 60 minute timer for timed operation or select “I” for continuous sieving.The precise vibrating action ensures excellent, efficient sieving with good repeatability.


Footprint: 240 X 240 mm

Weight: 17.9 Kg Compatible

Sieves: Up to 8 full height (8”) sieves

Built in timer Power: 230 V 50 Hz, 115 V 60Hz



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