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MCAL CALIBRATION SOFTWARE, Phần mềm phân tích độ ẩm SInar MCAL, Sinar Vietnam

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The MCal software gives users of Sinar desktop moisture meters the power to update, check and change their calibration settings using a Microsoft Windows PC or laptop.  MCal subscribers are sent a calibration kit that provides everything they need including a digital balance, thermometer and a certified calibration sample which is renewed every 6 months.

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Using the software couldn’t be easier, on screen prompts with clear colour photographs detail every step of the process allowing a calibration check to become a daily occurrence rather than returning the machine every year and having to make do without it.  The software also allows ACCS compliant calibration certificates to be printed.  The confidence these checks provide is invaluable, especially when drying grain where precise moisture control translates directly into profit.
The other outstanding feature of the MCal system is that the latest crop calibration data is emailed out to subscribers as and when it becomes available, a process that continually keeps MCal subscribers up to date maintaining Sinar Technology’s high standards.


Kit contents: PC to instrument cable, installation CD, 1 year licence, 2 x 240 g calibration samples (dispatched every 6 months in February and August), digital balance, digital thermometer

System requirements: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7; Pentium II, 600 MHz or greater; 256MB RAM; 200MB hard disk space; 800×600 resolution monitor; CD-ROM drive



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