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The Finish Coating Measurement System (FCMS) is a precision testing instrument designed to quickly and accurately identify the presence and concentration of tin or titanium dioxide coatings on the finish region of a glass container.  The FCMS incorporates a low profile head configuration that is specifically suited for performing measurements within the confines of a container’s finish region.  Its stable test platform, clamping system and rotary table permit secure positioning for accurate and highly repeatable finish region measurements. This device is configured with a limited, very high precision measurement range, offering high sensitivity, specifically to detect and measure very small amounts of coating in the finish region.
  • Optimized head design for measuring intricate finish regions
  • Automatic multi-axis head positioning
  • Windows™ style operator interface with touch screen technology
  • Measurement units: coating thickness units (CTU) or micro amps
  • Traceable calibration
  • Measurement range:  0-32 CTU


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