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Selas Heat Technology Company: An Industry Innovator Since 1896.
For over 110 years, Selas has been known as a pioneer and leader among heat technology manufacturers. Our heritage began with gas street lights in 19th century Germany. From there, Selas engineers began to explore other combustion needs and to develop new gas mixing products. The company expanded throughout the world and in 1930 sold its first radiant burner, followed later by heat processing furnaces.

Today, Selas serves the industrial thermal processing industry with a comprehensive range of innovative and reliable gas burners, combustion systems and thermal components. Our proven approach to combustion blends rugged products with the best technologies to provide clean, safe, and efficient heat. All Selas burners and combustion components are engineered to provide maximum fuel efficiency, dependable operation, and to help make your thermal process more profitable and successful. We also offer strong customer service and start-up assistance.
Selas office and manufacturing facility in Montgomeryvillle PA
Revitalized To Serve Today's Thermal Processing Market Better

Selas, a worldwide manufacturer with facilities in the United States, Germany and Japan, was purchased in 2005 by Lionheart Ventures. Backed by strong financial resources, solid leadership and a continuing comitment to designing the very best burners and heat technology components, Selas is a re-energized company with a promising future of combustion innovation and customer support.

We invite you to browse through our site to learn more about our broad array of combustion technologies. You may also download our Corporate Brochure here.


Selas Products

A world of combustion solutions from one reliable company.

For over 110 years, Selas has been a pioneer and leader in heat technology. We serve the thermal processing industry with a wide range of innovative and reliable combustion systems and thermal components. Selas products are engineered to provide maximum fuel efficiency and dependable operation to help make your thermal process more effective and profitable.

Burners For Every Heating Application

Every one of our burners incorporates advanced combustion engineering to ensure your success. With reliable gas burners, low NOx burners, fluid burners, duradiant burners, ribbon and flat flame burners and complete industrial burner systems, Selas is the best choice for value, reliability, and performance for all of your heating needs.

Advanced PreMix Combustion Systems

Selas develops precise, integrated combustion systems that mix, meter and monitor heat for specific thermal process applications. Selas engineers will work with you to help develop the best system for your specific combustion process needs using a combination of the products presented here.

Gas Blender Valves for Blending Natural Gas, Combustible Gases

The Selas Blender Valve accurately mixes a wide variety of gases with air to provide a fuel gas compatible with natural gas.

Superior Performance For Industrial Stand-By Fuel Systems, Utility Peak Shaving And Process Applications.

The Selas Blender Valve accurately mixes a wide variety of gases with air to provide a fuel gas compatible with natural gas. It handles high gas pressures (up to 150 psig or 1034 kPa) to accommodate greater flow rates while maintaining ratio over a wide turndown range.

Used separately in new or existing blending systems, the Selas valve will significantly improve performance and economy. With its silent operation and maintenance of an accurate blend at constant discharge pressure, the Selas valve offers distinct advantages over venturi blenders in a range of applications including generation of mixtures of disassociated ammonia with hydrogen, hydrogen with natural gas, and many others.

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  • Stand-by Fuel Systems
  • Utility Peak Shaving
  • Natural Gas Trim Blend Systems
  • Fuel Gas Stabilization
  • Propane/Air System
  • Landfill Gas Blending Systems
  • Digester Gas (Biogas) Blending Systems


  • Full floating adjustable design
  • Accurately blends gas and air at constant pressure
  • Smooth response to load changes, automatically & instantly
  • Mixture ratio is independent of discharge pressure
  • One valve handles flow rates up to 155,000 SCFH (4100 Nm3/hr.)
  • Works on available gas pressure


Selas Furnace Systems increase throughput and lower costs in numerous industries and applications.
A full line of industrial furnaces for all types of applications
Selas has been designing and manufacturing a wide variety of furnaces for the heat processing industry since 1896. There are Selas furnaces in operation all over the world serving customers in the heat treating, annealing, steelmaking, glass manufacturing, food, textile, and pulp/paper industries, plus countless others.

Since each furnace is custom designed and built for specific industries, applications and process requirements, we encourage you to contact a Selas sales engineer to discuss your unique thermal processing needs.


Rotary Retorts

Selas Rotary Retort continuous furnaces are used to harden, carburize and carbo-nitride relatively small parts.More Info

Roll Hardening


Car Bottom



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