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Xuất xứ: Germany
Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Công ty Pitesco là nhà XNK hàng đầu và là nhà cung cấp chuyên nghiệp các mặt hàng tự động, thiết bị điện và điện công nghiệp. Chúng tôi đáp ứng mọi xu hướng công nghiệp hóa, hiện đại hóa cũng như mọi lĩnh vực. 
Liên hệ cho chúng tôi theo số 0972 064 954  | 0914 237 179  để  thông tin mà Quý khách CẦN.  
- Mr Mai Nghĩa -
< Sales  Engineer>
Email : nghia.pitesco@gmail.com 
Yahoo :  nghia.pitesco
Skype :   nghia.pitesco
web: pitesvietnam.com


  • Capacity 10- 2000 hl/h
  • Original Gravity ± 0,05 °P / 0-20 °P
  • Alcohol ± 0,03 vol.% / 0-10 vol.%
  • CO2 ± 0,05 g/l / 0-10 g/l
  • Operating temperatures -2 - +20°C
  • CIP up to 125°C
  • Operating pressures 1 - 10 bar
  • Nominal diameters DN 20- DN 200 [mm]
  • Materials AISI 304 (1.4301) other on request


The Centec Blending and Carbonation system optimises beverage production by maximising the existing production capacity and quality management by precisely adjusting the Original Gravity/alcohol and CO2 contents. The system allows direct blending of HG-beers in an one-step process as well as Original Gravity value adjusting within 0.1 °P accuracy.
The double check method grants maximum operation security.
The maintenance free, full automatic operation, the small footprint combined with the modular design are advantages for the operator.

HG beer and water are brought together in the mix proof valve and mixed by the booster pump. The following nozzle injects the right amount of CO2 into the beer. It dissolves completely in the coiled pipe without static mixer. Highly accurate flow meters and pneumatic control valves operating in a split range procedure continuously monitor and adjust the volume ratio of beer and water. Downstream, the CO2 content is adjusted by a pneumatic control valve system. Centec-In-line sensors, placed at the end of the system, accurately determine both the Original Gravity values and CO2 content. The calibration of the in- line sensors will be done at the display of the integrated PLC. The system can be easily fitted into the process of the filtration and has a full automatic CIP program. An optional remote access service kit allows software updating and trouble shooting within a few hours. If required, the system can be equipped with a deaeration device.


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