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Xuất xứ: Đức
Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Product version:1.0
Approvals:CE, cULus Listed, TÜV, BG, CCC, KOSHA
Number of digital inputs:8
Version for extreme environ. conditions:Standard
Width dimension:22.5 mm
Height dimension:94.0 mm
Depth dimension:121.0 mm
Gross weight:138 g
Net weight:120 g
Ambient temperature:0 - 60 °C

Product version:2.1
Approvals:CE, cULus Listed, TÜV, CCC
Application options:Safety gate monitor, Instantaneous E-STOP monitoring, Limit switch, Delayed E-STOP monitoring
Operating modes:Single-channel, Automatic reset, Dual-channel, Detection of shorts across contacts, Monitored manual reset
PL EN ISO 13849-1 inst. contacts:e
PL EN ISO 13849-1 del. contacts <30s:d
SIL CL IEC 62061 inst. contacts:3
SIL CL IEC 62061 del. contacts <30s:3
Product standard:EN 60947-5-1
Standards:EN 60204-1, EN 62061, EN 954-1, VDE 0113-1
Supply voltage:24 V
Supply voltage type:DC
Terminal style:fixed
Terminal type:Screw terminal
Cat. inst. saf. contacts:4
Cat. del. saf. contacts < 30s:3
Number of instantaneous safety contacts:3
Number of delayed safety contacts:2
Safety contact delay type:Delay-on de-energisation
Number of auxiliary contacts:1
Selectable times:0,10 s, 0,20 s, 0,30 s, 0,40 s, 0,50 s, 0,60 s, 0,70 s, 0,80 s, 1,00 s, 1,50 s, 2,00 s, 3,00 s
Stop category:0/1
Max. current at DC13 I (6 cycles/min):7.0 A
Max. current at AC15:5.0 A
Width dimension:90.0 mm
Height dimension:87.0 mm
Depth dimension:121.0 mm
Gross weight:524 g
Net weight:492 g
Ambient temperature:-10 - 55 °C

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